What Manhood Means Today

Jul 11, 2018

Anna Sale is not afraid to talk about things that might make you … uncomfortable. Namely, Death, Sex and Money. That’s also the title of her podcast from WNYC.

She’s joining us to talk about the show’s latest series, about manhood.

From the show’s description:

We’re in a moment where what it means to be a man is shifting—and to some men, it feels like there are a lot of mixed messages floating around. As one man put it to us, “there’s a very unclear set of expectations as far as how a man should behave.” But while we’ve heard a lot of talk about men in this moment, we’ve heard fewer conversations with men. So we asked you: what’s the most confusing thing about being a man today?

We want to hear from you — what does it feel like to be a man today?

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Anna Sale, Host, ‘death, sex & money’ from WYNC

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