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Doris Day's voice is one of the glories of the 20th Century; here's a 97th birthday bouquet of Rodgers classics, from early days with Hart to the final songs with Hammerstein.  This Sunday at 3PM, live or streaming.

The Jam Session 12/27/2018

Jan 2, 2019

The Jam Session Radio Hour | HipLaJaz!

Jan 1, 2019

The Jam Session Radio Hour 11/29/2018

Dec 13, 2018

Featuring Rod Gilbert (NHL Hall of Fame).

Featuring Deirdre DeVita (Westhampton Broker), Lee Glanz (Pianist), and Tom Spagnoli (Physical Therapist).

Featuring Diane Saatchi (East End Broker), Elizabeth Dow (Interior Designer), and Andrew Lieb (Lieb at Law).

Featuring Fred Thiele (NYS Assemblyman), Dr. Kenneth Graham (Retinal Surgeon), and Susan Cincotta (Shelter Island Broker).

Featuring Ann Thomas (Title Insurance), Nelson White (Florentine Artist), and Amadeus Ehrhardt (Property Manager).

Featuring Phil Bucking (Sag Harbor Garden Store), Brad Beyer (House Inspector), and Janice Hayden (Former LIBOR President).

Featuring Jason Laan (Spirit Entrepreneur), Mike Ferruggia (Attorney), and Brad Beyer (Home Inspector).

Featuring Andrew Pepper (Mobile Veterinarian), Dr. Sid Baker (Autism 360), and Punit Chugh (Architect).

Featuring Peter Walden (Cartoonist), Mark Viseckas (Southampton Town Building Inspector), and Dr. Lawrence Buono (Neuro-ophthalmologist).

Featuring Kathi Kennedy (Miami Yachts), Traci Mitchell (Bay Street Theatre), and Ed Neyland (Home Inspector).

Featuring Annette Azan (Interior Design), Greg Heym (Economist), and Diane Saatchi (East End Broker).

Featuring Steven Siliato (Lieb at Law Attorney), Foster Reeve (Renown Plasterer), and Lonnie Quinn (Chief Weatherman CBS-TV).