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Bonnie Grice is an award-winning broadcaster, producer, interviewer, and DJ. A two-time Gracie Allen Award winner, you can hear THE ECLECTIC CAFÉ weekday mornings 9-Noon on 883WPPB - Long Island's only NPR station. Bonnie serves up a daily dose of music, special guests and food for thought. Unique. Informative. Fun. A new spin on Public Radio. Plus she produces and hosts THE SONG IS YOU featuring a wide range of guests exploring their top 10 favorite tunes every week. Tune in to 883wppb.org and follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Bonnie also loves acting... she has been featured in a variety of East End theatre productions. She has been the host and interviewer of the Hamptons Take 2 Documentary Film Festival since its inception in 2008.

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Oct 11, 2018

Tune in between 9 AM and Noon on Friday and meet our Media Maven's: Brendan O'Reilly (SH Press), Beth Young (East End Beacon), and Carissa Katz (EH Star)! 

I came to know the artistry of Prince through dance.

“Advice from a Loon: Spend time at the lake. Enjoy a good swim. Call your friends. A little color goes a long way. Surround yourself with beauty. Enjoy time alone. Dive into life!” -----Anonymous

“We are all a little weird. And we like to think there’s always someone weirder. I mean I’m sure you’re looking at me and thinking ‘Well at least I’m not as weird as you…’ And I’m thinking ‘at least I’m not as weird as the people in the loony bin…’ and the people in the loony bin are thinking ‘Well at least I am an orange…”

---Jim Gaffigan

“I wonder what chairs think about all day: ‘Oh… here comes another a#@hole…’ ”

---Robin Williams

She carries the dog into the restaurant, holding it close to her bosom. Her partner/S.O./husband?? follows at some distance schlepping an assortment of accoutrement… bags, boxes, newspapers… like they’re heading to the beach… or the dump…

“If you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the precipitate…”  --NerdSpeak 

Heroes are on my mind this week…

With Soldier Ride & the Wounded Warrior Project in the Hamptons again this Saturday… last week’s July 4th parade… my father’s birthday… Dallas…



Me and the Foo Fighters invite you to honor your heroes. They may or may not be soldiers or first responders or veterans of foreign wars, but they stand tall in our lives…

Here are a few of mine:


Last weekend we were at a local Hamptons hang having dinner and the TV in the restaurant was tuned to “American Ninja Warrior.” If you’ve been living in a cave the past few years “ANW” is a jaw-dropping competition where folks have to complete a series of obstacle courses designed to test the absolute limits of your body and mind. These courses kick butt. Everything from hand-over-hand tire swings to mountain climbing and log rolling above pools of water. The competition began in Japan as “Sasuke” and morphed into American Ninja Warrior this side of the Pacific.

She had me at the double bass.

“Is that an upright bass in your car?”

“Uh…. Yeah…. “ Impish grin.

“You play the bass?” I asked, not sure why I was so incredulous.

“Yup. Pasadena Symphony. Been with them a while now… I love your show. The whole orchestra listens!”

Ok. That never hurts.

He was a big man. And he hated bullies.

My Dad stood about 6’3” 250 lbs. A giant to my young eyes. Strong. Powerful. Intimidating. He earned the nickname “The Bear.” His hands were like paws. Lucky for me he didn’t anger easily. But when he did it was memorable….

“I’m fairly certain YOLO is just Carpe Diem for stupid people.” --Jack Black


Doing radio for almost 3 decades I’ve had a fair share of “YOLO moments”. It’s an acronym meaning “you only live once”… I.E. “well that sucked but hey---YOLO”! Yolo’s kind of a dumbass excuse for screwing up. Think “my bad” with an added level of positive reinforcement… “Ah well----“ sigh----smile--- “you live and learn… !” And then you move on.


“Ink, a Drug…” ----Vladimir Nabokov

Of course Nabokov was referring to the obsession of writing with pen and ink on paper. Nowadays the keyboard is mightier than the sword… and INK is primarily what you put on your body.

Tattooing has been around since prehistoric times. Curious what Cro-Magnon Man would’ve chosen… bone? spear? “Ma”…? The word “tattoo” comes from the Polynesian “tatau.” Before that Western folks called it painting, staining, scarring. Today it’s INK, or TAT (lazy hipster) … TAC as in “Tac it on…”

“It’s in the journey that we see there’s no destination


It’s in the journey we find our true love…

Well we don’t know where we’re going

Don’t know just where we’ve been

We gotta dig deep down inside…” 

---Martin Sexton “In the Journey”


It is said that one of the ancient customs of Norway was to plant a single tree in the middle of a farm or homestead as a marker… not only of property and family ties but as a reminder of humans’ place in nature. This tree linked the Norsemen to their beliefs and their roots. The “Tree of Life.” A mythological tree of power and beauty whose saga is one of the oldest in Scandinavia. Also known as the “World Tree” it was kept alive by three sisters of fate: past present and future using the waters from the God Mimir’s Well of Wisdom. The saga is often called the “Edda” or “Grandmother”…

“Take your clothes off! Everything. And get into my sleeping bag.”

John was pissed. I was freezing. Couldn’t stop shaking from the cold. But still I argued. “I’llll…. Bbbbbeeee…. Ffffffine” 

Ah… Mother’s Day. Another of those Hallmark holidays that demand our attention (in keeping with our mothers….) But this day wasn’t just invented to sell greeting cards and tchotchkes. It was Anna’s fault… uh… idea. After the Civil War Anna Jarvis from West Virginia decided she wanted to honor her recently deceased Mom Ann with a special memorial for her work with wounded soldiers and commitment to public health issues. Anna lobbied Congress in 1908 for a national day of recognition… they rejected it on the grounds they’d have to declare a “Mother-in-Law’s Day” as well.

This week’s Riff going wherever she goes

Hope it flows

But this is what I chose:

Sing a song of Prince 

Elusive purple rainmaker he

Sang from his heart and hips

Sending up rips on sexuality

Carnality and love divine

Ahead of the time 

Making rhyme rhythm and love with abandon

Yet with a strict hands-on gleam of perfection

Studio tight

Music his life

The earth moved…

It was a Friday in June. 

My usual wakeup call: 4am. I was the morning DJ on KUSC in Los Angeles. 6-10 Monday-Friday. Drive time. I lived in Long Beach about 25 miles south of LA. On a good day the drive was 30 minutes… bad: add another hour or two. 4am had its advantages…

The studios were located in the heart of downtown LA. Across from USC. Just off the Harbor Freeway. 

I dreamed about my grandmother, and woke up craving a percolator. Not those easy electric types, self reliant stainless perfecters of the brew. No… I wanted a hands on glass bubbled copper bottomed honest-to-god stovetop percolator. The kind gramma had. The kind I’d wake up to when we visited my grandparents in Corry PA… usually for family gatherings. My mom was the youngest of 11, and oh the gatherings. The place was rockin most of the time.

T.S. Eliot had it right. “April is the cruelest month” Not least of which because it begins with a day that celebrates pranks, tricks, hoaxes and all forms of CRUEL tom-foolery: APRIL FOOL’S. Historians are still a bit blurry on the origins of this trickster holiday. Was it because the calendar was changed but some poor fools across Europe still thought the new year started April 1? (“Poisson D’Avril! You April Fish! New Year was 3 months ago…”) Was it due to the change of season and the resulting Spring Fever… ? Makes sense.

I first discovered the music of German composer, abbess and mystic Hildegard of Bingen when I was in LA, spinning the discs of the great composers during morning drive time. I’d arrived in SoCal after hosting a variety of classical music shows at the NPR station in Kent Ohio. Kent was a proving ground… a near neighbor of Cleveland---home to one of the top 5 orchestras in the world: The Cleveland Orchestra (And you thought it was just Rock and Roll…) Thank God I’d studied music and opera in school.