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Saturday 5pm

Welcome to The Dinner Party Download - an hour-long celebration of culture, food, and conversation designed to help you dazzle your friends at this weekend's get-together. In every episode you'll learn a joke, bone up on an odd bit of history and then wash it down with a themed cocktail, meet an artist of note (say, Spike Lee or Willie Nelson), learn the answers to your burning etiquette questions, savor an emerging food trend, and hear your new favorite song. Plus, unconventional wisdom from hosts Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis Newnam.

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‘Tis the season… for holiday etiquette dilemmas! The Dinner Party Download's Rico and Brendan will bring advice and good cheer in a special Facebook Live chat on December 6th. Share your questions for them below, and don't forget to visit WPPB's FB page on 12/6 at 3 PM EST for the show's live holiday party!

Podcast: The Dinner Party Download

Jan 13, 2015

January 9th, 2015

This week: Actor-writer-director Mark Duplass on brotherly love – without eye-contact … A spicy, south-of-the-border drink trend … Filmmaker J.C. Chandor makes art inspired by tragedy … FM radio is invented, and we’re pretty grateful … An ex-Aerosmith roadie/sailor/journalist settles down on an unlikely farm … Aussie rockers Twerps turn up the volume … Latin lessons from Panda Bear … The West Virginia town without modern technology (because of modern technology) … And a mammoth of a story from author Thomas Pierce.

Podcast: The Dinner Party Download

Oct 28, 2014

The following is the October 24th podcast of The Dinner Party Download: 

Actor Jason Schwartzman – star of the new film “Listen Up Philip” – pits his ego against Brendan’s… A soundtrack from Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo inspires hand-holding… Iconoclastic artist Barbara Kruger points and doesn’t shoot… And Jack Black and Kyle Gass of Tenacious D shred etiquette to pieces. Also, humorist Simon Rich ponders barbarism and hamsters, a new Kit Kat craze hits the US, we tune into static small talk, and more!