Sundays at 11am

Invisibilia (Latin for "all the invisible things") explores the intangible forces that shape human behavior-things like ideas and beliefs. Invisibilia delves into a wide array of human behavior. Interweaving narrative storytelling with fascinating new psychological and brain science. Listen and research will come to life in a way that will make you see your own life differently. Produced by NPR news, Invisibilia turns the dry and scholarly into utterly captivating storytelling.

The Power Of Categories

Alix and Lulu examine how categories define us — how, if given a chance, humans will jump into one category or another. People need them, want them. This show looks at what categories provide for us.


Show Description: This week, you'll meet a woman who can physically feel what she sees others feeling. We'll also explore the ways in which all of us are connected – more literally than you might realize.


New NPR series "Invisibilia"

Jan 22, 2015

On Sundays, for the next six weeks, we are pleased offer you a new NPR series called "Invisibilia" at 11AM in place of "Here's the Thing." "Invisibilia" is a new six week pilot series from NPR that is about the unseen forces that control human behavior - things like ideas, beliefs, assumptions, and thoughts. Don't miss this exciting program that re-imagines science programming. It is Co-Hosted by LuLu Miller and Alix Spiegel who helped to create RadioLab and This American Life.