The Jam Session Radio Hour

Wednesdays at 7:00pm

Join The Jam Session in person or on the radio... an energetic inspiring live Jazz performance every Thursday night at 7 PM at Union Cantina in Southampton, New York and on WPPB  88.3 FM every Wednesday night at 7PM.  

An authentic jam session with a mix of local and internationally known jazz musicians jamming with the core Thursday Night Live Band, led by local legend Claes Brondal and The Thursday Night Live Band.

The Jam Session is based on the art of improvising with Jazz as the primary foundation.
However, other styles and influences are present as well.

The Jam Session is continuously trying to promote and encourage musicians and audience members from the global community participate, creating an eclectic mix of music and culture.

The Jam Session is inspired by the late night jam sessions and loft  rehearsals in New York City and we believe that the evolution and survival of improvisational music takes place in front of a live audience, being inclusive and accessible to all, but especially to young people.

It’s our intent…

  • - To promote live progressive music by hosting weekly jam sessions as well as collaborating with radio stations,  television stations, organizations, bands and various promoters of live music
  • - To create a consistent venue, featuring live, quality music – primarily promoting Jazz, Latin and World music.
  • - To provide a venue for up-and-coming and professional musicians.
  • - To provide a creative and nurturing venue where musicians can practice their craft before a live audience
  • - To create a place where musicians can network with other musicians as well as showcasing their talent.
  • - To provide a place in the community where people of all ages and demographics can enjoy eclectic live music for free or low cost on a consistent basis.

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Ways to Connect

The Jam Session Radio Hour is a collection of recording made weekly at Bay Burger Restaurant in Sag Harbor. Started in 2008 by band leader Claes Brondal, the Jam Session performances highlight the extraordinary roster of musicians boasting local as well as international acclaim.

For the past 3 years Host and Recording Engineer George Howard captures these unique performances and provides informative and conversational talk about and with our featured special guests each Wednesday from 7 - 8pm on WPPB 88.3 FM

The Jazz Jam Session at Bay Burger

Mar 3, 2014

The Jazz Jam Session was recorded at Bay Burger Restaurant November 7, 2013 featuring Claes Brondal and the Thursday Night Live Band. Special guest performance and interview with Morris Goldberg.

The Jam Session Radio Hour #113

Feb 10, 2014

An encore performance of The Jam Session Radio Hour featuring master cora player Yacouba Sissoko and the Thursday Nght Live Band from Bay Burger Restaurant's Jazz Jam Session.  The Jam Session is recorded live to tape every Thursday night at Bay Burger and heard again Wednesdays at 7pm on the East Ends only NPR member station, WPPB, Peconic Public Broadcasting, 88.3FM.