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Monday through Friday WPPB broadcasts national news reported through the resources of NPR (6am - 9am). From 7am to 9am our Long Island Morning Edition host Michael Mackey provides frequent local weather updates as well as regional news stories, urgent traffic reports, and special features that speak to the body politic, the pulse of our planet, and the marketplace of life.

This week our WPPB TBT begins celebrating the eagerly anticipated 14th Annual Southampton Lions Club Oldies Spectacular. Presenting artists and music first made famous six decades ago, this live concert event scheduled yearly for the second Saturday night in August, has become a 21st century east end tradition; enjoyed by 20th century folk as well as their new millennial offspring. 

This week our WPPB TBT celebrates the first FIRST LADY born in the 20th century AND the first FIRST LADY born in a hospital...the same hospital in which thousands of our local listeners emerged from the womb. For it was exactly 87 years ago - 7/28/1929 - in Southampton Hospital that 21 year old Janet Lee Bouvier, a Manhattan socialite, gave birth to a daughter destined to become the most famous person ever born on eastern Long Island.

This week our WPPB TBT celebrates the 68th birthday of an "oh very young" old friend of my generation - Yusuf Islam; the singer/songwriter formerly known as Cat Stevens.

This week we celebrate the 240th anniversary of the birth of the U.S.A. with a WPPB TBT tradition featuring Kris Kristofferson's dramatic recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. The scene here is taken from the 1987 Television mini-series "Amerika" about life in the United States 10 years after a bloodless takeover by the Soviet Union, leading to slave-labor camps for some, collaboration by others and rebellion from a determined few. Kristofferson's character is Devin Milford, a maverick politician who ran for president after the U.S.S.R.'s assumption of power.


Jun 24, 2016

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