Bonnie Grice

This Thursday at 11AM listen to Bonnie in the Morning for a special one-hour segment that celebrates Chuck Berry. AFTER ELVIS PRESLEY, ONLY CHUCK BERRY HAD MORE INFLUENCE ON THE FORMATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF ROCK & ROLL. Don’t Miss A Special Bonnie in the Morning honoring and celebrating the music of Chuck Berry this Thursday. She will be joined by the talented Gene Casey as Co Host of this special segment from 11AM – 12PM.

Listen to Encore Presentations of  "The Song Is You" with Bonnie Grice on WPPB September 5-9th at 11AM. We will be featuring East End Musicians. Don't miss Bonnie's in depth conversations with these talented artists as she invites her guests to dip into their musical memories and their CD collections to let the rest us know how music has inspired, comforted or just been a part of their lives. 

Mon 9/5 - Gene Casey

Tues  9/6 - Nancy Atlas

Wed  9/7 - Joe Delia

Thurs  9/8 - Robert Bruey

East Hampton Library's Authors Night

Aug 9, 2016

Listen to WPPB the official NPR Station of the East Hampton Library's 12th Annual Authors Night Live Remote Broadcast with Host Bonnie Grice on Saturday, August 13th from 5PM - 6:30PM. Field at 4 Maidstone Lane, East Hampton Village.

This week our WPPB TBT celebrates a story that even the evil Mr. Potter couldn't kill. For nearly seven decades a movie from the heavens has made us want to live again...appreciate and cherish our for better or worse lives again...to NOT jump off the bridge of life. But, rather embrace the fear and glory of human existence and keep on keeping on...even if you do crash into a tree or lose eight thousand bucks or can't shake the dust of this crummy little town off your feet.

Have an Old Fashioned Christmas with WPPB. Join us at the Suffolk Theater for “It’s A Wonderful Life," a Live Radio Play on December 20th at 6PM.

For Online Tickets go to: Suffolk Theater, suffolktheater.com

(Tickets: General Admission $15, VIP $30)